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Attorney Cotter Conway Defends Against Drug-Related Charges

If you are arrested for a drug-related offense such as possession, possession with intent to sell, sale of a controlled substance, or trafficking, it is vitally important to obtain skilled legal representation as soon as possible. You want a lawyer present before you say anything to the authorities that may be used to incriminate you or which makes it more difficult to achieve a favorable outcome in court. Cotter C. Conway has considerable success defending clients against drug-related offenses.

Possession of drugs including methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy is a felony. Possession of certain quantities of marijuana can also be a felony. Conviction of a felony charge is punishable by being sentenced to prison. Therefore, upon arrest, it is imperative to have a lawyer as soon as possible before you divulge any information to the police, even if you are trying to explain how you are not involved.

If you are arrested for a drug-related offense involving marijuana or any other controlled substance, call for your free consultation with attorney Cotter C. Conway now at 775-329-2994.